07 May 2007

How you know when you're doing the right thing

So, since I last wrote, we've been doing a lot more chant in our music program. In fact, we have done the seasonally appropriate Kyrie settings for Lent and Easter.

A couple of weeks ago, a sixty-something lady came up to me after Mass with a copy of the music handout. We had done several Fauxlk pieces that day such as One Bread, One Body or similar (all those pieces run together after a while). The lady explained that she was from Somewhere Up North (don't remember exactly where), and she was coming to thank me for doing "traditional music."

Thank you, I said, it's always good to hear that our work is appreciated.

Fortunately another thing I have learned is to give the vaguest possible thanks for a compliment. You never know what somebody's about. I soon heard more than I wanted.

We used to have a great choir at St. N., she went on, but then they got a new director and we started getting all of this kind of [expletive]. I played my poker face, and she jabbed a bony, nicotine-stained finger at the Kyrie Lux et Origo on the bulletin.

I smiled and let her go her way. But all the time I was thinking:

Get used to it.

More later on why I have not posted in, oh, a year or so. Suffice it to say, as Florence King might say, a lot has happened.



At 07 May, 2007 06:55, Blogger ~m2~ said...

you may not have posted for a year or so, but you still have some faithful on bloglines who refused to delete your link in the hopes you'd return :)

did bony, nicotine-stained finger lady return? or is she still out, having a cig?

welcome back! hoping Mrs. Divi is feeling well...

At 18 August, 2007 22:49, Anonymous Ana said...

Hi there! It has been awhile (almost seven months since I've posted) and I am resuming my blog. I still check out yours and think of you from time to time. You and your wife have been in my prayers. What do you think of the recent announcement regarding our Bishop?


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